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patreon new wav2letter engine

Talon v0.1 multi-platform is live
Here it is:

This public release adds support for Windows and Linux, as well as the smaller model of the new wav2letter engine. Talon v0.1 continues to support Dragon on Mac, and adds Dragon for Windows support. There is a supported path for using Windows Dragon in a VM or over the network as well.

If you're setting up for the first time, make sure to read the docs. You'll currently need to set up three things:
(1) Talon,
(2) wav2letter models, and
(3) voice command configuration.

Talon downloads are directly on the website. Models and configuration are described in the Getting Started info of the documentation.

If you're updating from the old public Mac version (, you should read the docs and brief changelog. The scripting API has changed in backwards-incompatible ways. One way to get started quickly is to backup your .talon/user/ directory and copy a new script configuration into it. I have an idea for an auto-conversion program to port old configurations to the new system, but I haven't built it yet. If you need something like that, please voice your support on the Slack to encourage me to do it.

This release marks a Patreon tier reorganization. There is now an up-front annual billing option with a small discount for new sign-ups. The tier options for new sign-ups are now $5/mo #vip, $25/mo #beta, and $100/mo Pro. No billing changes will occur for existing Patrons; these changes are only for new sign-ups. Existing Patrons will remain at their old tier price. This means if you're already signed up for $15/mo, you will continue to receive #beta and #vip access with no change in price.

Powerful hands-free input
Voice Control
talk to your computer
Noise Control
click with a back-beat
Eye Tracking
mouse where you look
Python Scripts
customize everything
Join the Slack for help or more info

My reason for the #beta price change is twofold: (1) Adding two operating systems to the free version of Talon creates more support load for me. I would love to hire help at some point. (2) It's expensive to train speech recognition models, and I've been working on new and cool stuff on that front which needs ongoing funding. Your Patreon contributions make continued development of Talon sustainable for the long term. Thank you for your support now and into the future!

I have many great things in the works for Talon, and I'm excited to see what v0.2 brings.