AList 版本 V3 安装教程

AList 版本 V3 安装教程





failed get storage: storage not found; please add a storage first


    /opt/usr/apps/alist/alist server
    INFO[2023-xx-xx] reading config file: data/config.json
    INFO[2023-xx-xx] config file not exists, creating default config file
    INFO[2023-xx-xx] load config from env with prefix: ALIST_
    INFO[2023-xx-xx] init logrus...
    INFO[2023-xx-xx] Successfully created the admin user and the initial password is: XXXXXXXX


$ /opt/usr/apps/alist/alist admin
INFO[2023-12-22 12:06:22] reading config file: data/config.json
INFO[2023-12-22 12:06:22] load config from env with prefix: ALIST_
INFO[2023-12-22 12:06:22] init logrus...
INFO[2023-12-22 12:06:22] Admin user's username: admin
INFO[2023-12-22 12:06:22] The password can only be output at the first startup, and then stored as a hash value, which cannot be reversed
INFO[2023-12-22 12:06:22] You can reset the password with a random string by running [alist admin random]
INFO[2023-12-22 12:06:22] You can also set a new password by running [alist admin set NEW_PASSWORD]


$ /opt/usr/apps/alist/alist version
    Built At: 2023-xx-xx 
    Go Version: go1.xx.x linux/amd64
    Author: Xhofe <>
    Version: v3.xx.x
    WebVersion: 3.xx.x

A file list program that supports multiple storage,
built with love by Xhofe and friends in Go/Solid.js.
Complete documentation is available at

alist [command]

Available Commands:
admin Show admin user's info and some operations about admin user's password
cancel2fa Delete 2FA of admin user
completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
help Help about any command
lang Generate language json file
restart Restart alist server by daemon/pid file
server Start the server at the specified address
start Silent start alist server with --force-bin-dir
stop Stop alist server by daemon/pid file
storage Manage storage
version Show current version of AList

--data string data folder (default "data")
--debug start with debug mode
--dev start with dev mode
--force-bin-dir Force to use the directory where the binary file is located as data directory
-h, --help help for alist
--log-std Force to log to std
--no-prefix disable env prefix

Use "alist [command] --help" for more information about a command.